Consulenza Energetica

Energy consulting

  • Negotiating, on behalf of clients, the best electricity supply conditions.
  • Studies of cost-effectiveness for the commissioning of generators.
  • Production with tax-free fuel and renewable sources (vegetable oils).
  • Systems design and technical reports.
  • Tax exemptions for mineralogical, metallurgical and electrochemical uses.
  • EDI transmitting of declaration relating to excise duties, mandatory from 2008.

Consulenza Petrolifera

Petroleum consulting

  • Tax exemption and tax reduction for diesel fuel used by driving force engines: in particular, presses, grinders, loaders, excavators, compressors, probes, drills, motor pumps, dredges, spiders and crane.
  • Activation, managing tax deposits, private, commercial and industrial energy products and operators in the excise duty regime.
  • Administrative appeals and litigation relating to excise duties.
  • Judiciary and extra judiciary consultations.
  • Software to manage excise duty (legal decreases, density, temperature and weight) of agricultural and commercial fuels deposits (approved by customs).
  • Authorizations for exempt uses of energy products for purposes other than carburation and combustion (DM 322).
  • Tax break for LP GAS industrial use.
  • Exclusion from excise duty for natural gas used in chemical, mineralogical and metallurgical sectors, ATECOFIN codes 26 and 27.
  • 32M